Town of Invermere

Invermere BC: A mountain valley paradise


A vibrant mountain community

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Grizzly Ridge borders the District of Invermere on its Southern and Westerly boundaries. Invermere is the heart of the Columbia Valley and boasts both small town charm as well as cosmopolitan amenities. You won't want for organic farmers markets, locally roasted coffee, fine dining, art galleries, live theater and cinema.

This part of Western Canada is known to be welcoming and new residents quickly become part of this hospitable mountain and lake community.


The Columbia Valley is home to many artists and artisans. Their work is accessible in multiple galleries including the Pynelogs Cultural Centre, the Artym Gallary and Effusion Art Gallary as well as numerous boutique shops. Painters, wildlife and landscape photographers, glassblowers, potters and metalsmiths all have studios in the area.


The town originally called Copper City came into existence in 1890. Invermere was established as a trading post in 1910. You can delve into the history of the area on the Historical Walking Tour or by visiting The Railway Museum.