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It is an exciting time for CastleRock, the Town of Invermere and Grizzly Ridge Properties

February 11, 2014

We are pleased to announce the lands previously owned by CastleRock Estate Ltd. have been acquired by CastleRock Estates Limited Partnership under the General Partner 0985348 BC Ltd.  The General Partner will manage the CastleRock Joint Venture lands which are comprised of the lands previously owned by CastleRock Estates Ltd. (and more recently controlled by its debt holders) along with three sublots of land previously owned by Grizzly Ridge Properties.

Mark Himmelspach, President of Grizzly Ridge Properties and his team are encouraged by the Community Association’s renewed excitement and support and said, “We are very pleased to work with the CastleRock Community Association and the residents of Invermere to create a new and vibrant future for the community of CastleRock.  We are strong believers in the qualities CastleRock offers at present and the high standards it can set in the future.  We are committed to working with the residents of Invermere and CastleRock, and the District of Invermere to create a community that we can all be proud of today and for generations to come.

At present, our focus is on remedying some existing deficiencies, creating enhanced amenities within CastleRock and readying the Phase 3 lots for sale.  We will be working with the Community Association to develop a more defined vision for CastleRock over the next year keeping the residents of Invermere informed as we develop a go forward plan for the community.”

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